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5 ways to prepare yourself mentally and physically for labour

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Hello beautiful mamas, just a gentle reminder to take everything with a grain of salt. Not all the advice and tips you read and try will work for you or someone else. At the end of the day you have to do what makes you comfortable and what's most important, do what's best for you and your baby. With that in mind I have written this post specifically for those of you amazing women who are in your final weeks of pregnancy, after reading extensively and hearing from many mothers, I have accumulated some of the best tips and advice below for all of you anxiously anticipating your new arrival.

1. Sleep, sleep, sleep it off (or just rest it off).

Some of you may be at the stage where any position and every position is uncomfortable, or your body temperatures are all over the place (I assure you it's not menopause.. I assume), or maybe you're having bad insomnia. If that's the case then all I can say is that your journey is coming to an end, through all the struggles and triumphs; you did and are doing it. As for sleep, we all know life with a newborn is both beautiful and challenging as the first few weeks/months you will lose a lot of sleep. That is why it is very important to get as much sleep or rest as possible before your little human arrives; so that you can be well rested and recuperated for the upcoming adventure.

2. Hydration, Nutrition, Hydration.

Now I'm quite sure it's a fact that one major way to remain healthy and balanced is by maintaining a nutritious diet filled with vegetables, fruits, fats, protein and a bit of sugar/naughtiness. This fact doesn't change just because you're pregnant (even if you have wild cravings) try and to be consistent with a balanced diet whether that's specialized or not (Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo ect..). Also, if you have certain dietary requirements or have health related issues don't forget to consult with your GP/midwife/Doctor about whether you're getting enough of each vitamin/mineral. FLUIDS, WATER, FLUIDS, WATER and FLUIDS. Now, I for one absolutely despised water, because of it's tastelessness, 100% appreciate it's work, but if only it could have been fruit flavored with no sugars. Taste preference or not it is essential for everyone, especially expectant mothers, to remain properly hydrated. With all the preparation, possible jobs/work, events and last minute things that everyone is rushing around doing before baby comes; it can be easy to forget to drink a cup of water or keep yourself nurtured.

3. Stamina will get you across the finish line.

Nobody said we have to be Yoga experts or athletic to be able to survive and get through labour, but having some type of physical strength will help you during the birth process. Some of you will be well into the famous pregnancy waddle and there is no reason why we can't put that charming walk to use. Try taking regular walks to increase your stamina and the strength in your legs (you may find you might want to birth standing/squatting/by relying on your legs to bare your weight). If you don't fancy this, tai-chi, yoga, stretching, swimming even dancing will keep you fit and possibly help you keep your physical strength up during labour.

4. Communicate

Whether it's with your partner, friends, family, therapist, GP, dog, cat, fish; talking and expressing your feelings and letting out any worries will allow you to relieve any mental stress you might have been bottling up; or sometimes it's nice to just let everything out to feel free. This goes both ways though, especially with those of you with partners. Sometimes partners get worried and stressed during pregnancy too, even if it's not them who is pregnant. With your emotions going haywire, don't forget that your partner is there to care and support you, and you are supposed to do the same for them; even if this is done purely by listening. You'll find that when you and your partner are open and take the time for each other this will (hopefully) produce much better thoughts and vibrations leading up to and during your birth.

5. Wind down.

Whether this has been a challenging pregnancy or not, during these last few weeks, take some time to just enjoy the moments you have. Don't feel the constant pressure to cook, clean, go out, get all dressed up (if that's what makes you happy then go for it). Sometimes mothers get so consumed on what "they should be doing" according to their neighbour, friend, mother, sister; that they forget to do what they want/need. If you need to stay home all day and watch movies and laugh and cry and sing, then if you are able, do that. If you have to go to work and when you get home want to watch documentaries nonstop, do what you gotta do. Remember what you want is important, consider yourself and your baby during these moments. Outsiders and friends will understand, because this time is precious and whether or not you are being "productive" is irrelevant. As long you and baby are comfortable and you are somewhat prepared for baby's arrival (have got the necessities at home) then chill out when you can and love yourself.

Disclaimer: I am not a physician/clinically qualified; these are my opinions and research I have done.

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