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Being a teacher ruined kids for me

Forgive me for the dramatic title, Google suggested click-baiting would bring me online success; hopefully, it works. Anyways, for any of you who don't know; I am a teacher. I currently teach age 12 and under, which isn't really my specialty as I usually teach teens-adults, but here we are.

As I come to work every day and am faced with swarms of children from all different backgrounds and age groups, I must admit I feel exhausted just writing this post. In all honesty, I don't usually choose to work with younger kids purely because I don't have as much patience as I think they deserve. I actually referred to myself as a 'modern-day Mrs. Trunchbull' the other day (minus all the abuse and all).

Being a teacher is a rewarding job for me, but it also pushes all of my physical and mental boundaries; on a daily limit. One second I'm putting someone in detention and the next I'm being asked for a hug for no reason at all. The constant flip from one emotion to the next is what gets me, I can only imagine how parents feel, but I guess it's something similar. I do think my job has given me a special insight into what it could be like to have my own children; although I assume the emotional bond will be much stronger.

There are days when every pair of ears in my classroom have turned off and I feel myself going from annoyed to angry to 'I am not bothered anymore.' But there are also days when every eye meets mine, all work is completed and signed and the patter of feet doesn't make me hold my breath, but smile slightly. On the bad days, I couldn't imagine anything worse than to have to go home to more mini beings in my face. On the other hand, on the good days I do imagine me and my children and what they could be like and what I would want for them.

So, all in all, I can testify that although there are moments when I feel like I want to put a 'No Entry' sign on my uterus; the few and far to come by times where I get the hugs and smiles from these kids makes me remember that one day; I'll be excited that a child like that will be one of mine.

One day Mam, not now, take a breath.

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