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Book Review: The Mummy Lessons by Helen Wallen

Not only did I start a new book, which in itself is gobsmacking, but I started one of the funniest and most genuine books I've ever read. Helen Wallen has written multiple books surrounding these topics: babies, parents, society and many more. I picked up her most recent book The Mummy lessons in mid June 2019 and had finished it by July. The book itself is based off of a fictional story, but it includes some real life thoughts, perceptions and situations that are happening in our society today.

I particularly love how brutally honest Wallen is in her book; it really gave a non-parent like myself some real insight into what it could be like as a parents, but it wasn't overwhelming and daunting. I found myself laughing and imagining mid-sentence, instead of wincing and squirming in my seat like I have done when reading other motherhood related books that are honest but not so poetic.

The fictional story and characters used to express these thoughts and real life facts were easy to relate to as well. Three woman, all best friends, but all different in their own way. A career-orientated woman and two new parents; one with stability, the best products and a routine and the other a wild card who goes with the flow. Although these characters are unique in their own ways; you'll see throughout the book that they all empower and support each other in any situation, which I think is highlighting what is starting to happen in real life society now; female empowerment and support for mothers of all kinds: new borns, multiples, woman who want to be mothers and more.

Overall, I feel that anyone who enjoys a laugh, a dollop of reality and some fantastic vulgarities all mixed together, this book is the perfect choice for you. I feel like I've learnt how easily mothers can be judged and misunderstood and it made me reflect on how I perceive the parents around and how I should chill out, be open minded and accept everyone and every parent for who they are and their own parenting styles.

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