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Review: Best Birth-related Podcast

After becoming slightly obsessed with birth and pregnancy I dived into nearly all forms of media that have connections with birth/pregnancy. Whether it was Ina may Gaskin's books, One born every minute on Channel 4 and even podcasts on my phone. After following one specific podcast for over a year now I am 100% sure in saying that this is probably one of the best, if not the best, podcasts to listen to during your pregnancy to gain information, hear some incredible stories and get some useful tips/links. The Australian Birth Stories podcast is it.

The podcast was created by Sophie Walker and she is a mother of three boys and the mothers sharing their stories are all linked to Australia (either they are from their, working their, living their or have some connection to Australia); she's had so many women on her podcast sharing their stories and experiences; from Single mothers, mothers with fertility issues, mothers with multiples, mothers with many children, natural births, VBACs*, C-sections, fast births, long labours and all sorts. These women are sharing all the details from their births and show authentic real emotions and truths that they dealt and are dealing with.

I have personally learnt so much through each episode that is released each week and I am always looking forward to the latest session; most of the the listeners partners have also been listening too. . I really do recommend all the pregnant/soon to be mothers/birth enthusiasts to give her episodes a listen; and enjoy.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional; all the information and details are personal opinions or are from personal research/observation.

*Vaginal Birth after Caesarean

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