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Top 5 tips for surviving morning sickness

Hello mothers! Ah, we've heard all the stories and seen all the well played movie scenes showing us what morning sickness would/should be like, but let's get real. Morning sickness has been said to never have just been in the morning; some of you have had it all day, just at night, in the mornings and for some of you lucky ones out there who NEVER get it; go on you! Another illusion we've been fed is that the first trimester is filled with vomiting and all, but according to some mothers they're had it up to birth or in their second trimesters too. Not to freak any of you out, but prepare yourself for those possibilities and hopefully some of the advice mentioned will cushion you through those throw up days.

1. Water-Water-Water.

We get enough grief about drinking water before being pregnant let alone during the pregnancy. As we all know water is vital, to keep us hydrated and healthy. If you suffer from morning sickness and fail to maintain your water intake this could cause more issues; as when you're throwing up consistently your body is losing fluids faster than it is obtaining them. Although it may feel useless or disgusting keep drinking all the time; before and after being sick just to avoid dehydration and extra fatigue.

2. Snacks in small doses

It may seem like the last thing you want to do after vomiting; eat. But making the effort to feed yourself during this time is important. Even if it's just some plain toast, saltine crackers, cheese, fruit ect... anything could help. Big meals and cooking may be the last thing on your mind so to ease the load just try and snack it out. A handful of grapes or some peanuts may just be enough to line your stomach for awhile; DON'T forget the WATER.

3. Take a break

Sometimes our bodies can't do everything our minds are asking them to. I know for those of you who are working or have other children this is easier said than done, but sometimes breaks are necessary. A nap, some time to have a bath, sleep, sit down and read/watch something. Give yourself that moment to just take care of yourself. Sometimes in all the chaos of everyday life we totally forget that our own health is significant too. If you're suffering bad sickness too it may be that you need a break to just recover from all the action.

4. Cold meals, Hot teas

Each to their own, but some say it can much easier to eat cold meals when feeling that nausea / having morning sickness; purely because the idea and smells produced from cooking hot food can enhance nausea and stimulate the senses. Tea, specifically ginger tea, is supposed to be ideal to drink; whether it's during morning sickness/nauseousness or general sickness. The ginger in the tea is great for calming and soothing the stomach when irritated or sore.

5. Aromatherapy Oils for days!

Whether you're diffusing, dabbing on your temples/forehead, dropping some in the bath or putting them on your clothes/pillows; oils are trending again. Oils like lavender and Ylang Ylang are known to be effective against headaches and nausea. There are hundreds of oils out there but you must be very cautious which ones you use while pregnant as some may have negative effects. Always speak to a specialist or doctor before using them so that you know you're absorbing the right oils.

*Disclaimer I am not a medical professional and these blogs are all based on personal opinion and some research done personally.*

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