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Birth Plans: Can we follow them?

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

The famous birth plan has made its way into the spotlight today. For those of you who may not know, a birth plan is a document with various questions and options for the mother/parents to fill out with their preferences for their birth.

Now I love filling out multiple choices and questionnaires, but this one can come back to haunt us. Lots of mothers fill out their birth plans with all their requests and wishes for their birthing, but unfortunately babies come when and how they want to come. As much as we write out detailed plans and schedules for our births, sometimes they don't always go to plan. Some mothers really struggle with this, as they really want a natural labour with no intervention, and the labour can turn out the opposite. If this has happened to you or if it does happen to you; it is not your fault. it is nobodies fault. At times if your baby or you are struggling in birth, you may need help and that is okay. Or if you don't need help and are doing fine on your own, that is okay.

What we have written on our birth plan should be taken as rough sketches, because we never really know how our little ones are going to come into the world. So make your plan, but try and remind yourself that no birth is promised to go the way you requested it to.

All births are unique and amazing in their own ways (whether or not it feels or felt that way at the time is another story), but your birth, whether it went like you planned or not will be special and important.

Disclaimer: I am not a physician/clinically qualified; these are my opinions and research I have done.

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