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Who should be with you during your birth?

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

As we know/can assume labour is beautiful but strenuous; before your birth you'll find yourself choosing who is going to be with you during labour. Your husband/wife? Partner? Mother? Father? Your other children? Friends? Cousins? Aunties? Doula? Private Midwife? Photographer? Whoever you decide to bring into your surroundings during labour should be someone that will support and be present for you and more importantly maintain positive and calm vibes.

It has been proven that when people pop up in the delivery room/birthing suite/birthing environment to see you/observe you/"hang out" it can cause a labour to stagnate-retreat. This can happen purely because you, the labouring mother, may feel overwhelmed by the presence of someone you may not know well; it could be that this person who has entered your area has not brought with them the intentions of positivity or guidance. Although this may be true, it does not mean then when your doctor, midwives and/or anesthesiologist enter the room that you should feel tense and invaded.

Even without being pregnant most of the time we as women are able to sense things; like tension or sadness or negativity. If you enter a room with people who have just had a fight or people who don't like each other, most the time you want to leave that room because those dark vibes start attacking your mood too. This is exactly the same when you're pregnant, although some would argue that pregnant women have heightened sense, allowing them to identify emotions within themselves and around them precisely.

This is why when you are getting close to the finish line you should really consider who you want around you and what will those people fill your space with? Love, happiness, tranquility? If you are a low risk pregnancy I am pretty sure you are able to ask for "monitoring only when necessary" so that you can remain consistent and spend the time with those you have selected instead of having people come in and out.

Remember your opinion and your choices are important for your birth.

Disclaimer: I am not a physician/clinically qualified; these are my opinions and research I have done.

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