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Your body after birth: What can happen?

After sending the last few months listening to pregnancy and birth podcasts and reading books, I have learnt so much about the female body AFTER birth. I had absolutely no idea how many different "symptoms" women can get after the birth of their babies.

1. The Blood

I've heard from many new mothers that you can bleed vaginally for weeks after birth. As if the labour wasn't enough, now you've got an elongated extra heavy period right after too. I assume this occurs because the womb is shrinking back to its original size and when do that is also getting rid of anything extra inside (maybe some lining)?

2. The Contractions

According to some women they get some quite painful contractions AFTER the birth and for the few weeks after. As previously mentioned I can only imagine this is because your body is resizing itself back to a smaller size. Nevertheless, this must be quite shocking for some women who thought all the contractions were done with during labour. After speaking with a few women I did realize not all of them experienced this though.

3. Hair loss

I was quite surprised to hear that quite a few mothers have experienced postpartum hair loss after giving birth and it can be disheartening for them as it can get slightly severe. But I am aware that this is subjective to each and every mother and not everyone experiences this.

As I have never experienced any of these symptoms let alone child birth; I can imagine that it can be quite tough for some new mothers and families to deal with these unfamiliar issues. I am not a medical professional and have no medical background but these are all bits of information and facts I have collected from women I know and from observing influencers online that have children/are pregnant/have given birth.

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