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During our postnatal visits, we will focus on working together to empower you and your bubble up so that you're informed, confident and at peace with your current postnatal life. Some of the main areas we will discuss and discover are:

  • How you and/or your bubble are navigating the postnatal period. 

  • Your birth journey and your thoughts and emotions relating back to your birth and pregnancy. 

  • Creating your postnatal guide if you feel like you need some more structure. 

  • Some areas of postnatal life (feeding, sleep..) 

  • How your doula can best support your during the postnatal times (some tidying, minding the baby so you can shower/rest etc..)

Individual visits - 1.5 hours (minimum of 2 visits).

|      Message us for more details

Block of 3 visits - 1.5 hours each.
Block of 5 visits - 1.5 hours each.
Block of 7 visits - 1.5 hours each.
*Packages are flexible and we can discuss and alter further to suit your needs.

|   £85

|   £145

|   £205

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