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Prenatal Sessions

During our prenatal visits, our doula will focus on working together with you to build you and your bubble up so that you're informed, confident and at peace with your upcoming birth. Some of the main areas we will discuss and discover are:

  • What your ideal birth looks like and how we can work on creating it together. 

  • Any areas you feel ill-prepared for or unsure of. 

  • How to empower yourself and your partner(s) to make the best choices for you and your birth. 

  • Some areas of postnatal life (breastfeeding). 

  • Creating an ideal postnatal 'guide' for you and your bubble. 

Individual visits - 1.5 hours (minimum of 2 visits).
Block of 4 visits - 1.5 hours each.
Block of 8 visits - 1.5 hours each.
*Packages are flexible and we can discuss and alter further to suit your needs

|      Message us for more details

|      £95 

|      £190 

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