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The Birth:
Embrace Package

With the Embrace Package, it is our enhanced package that includes the additional amount of support we believe you could want. In this package you receive the following:

  • 5 prenatal sessions with your doula lasting 1.5 hours each. In these sessions, you can discuss and discover so much about your wants and needs surrounding your birth and pregnancy and start to lay out what your ideal birth scenario looks like. 

  • Your doula will be on call from 2 weeks before and  2 weeks after your expected due date to try and ensure that they will be present for your birthing journey.*

  • 5 postnatal sessions with your doula lasting 1.5 hours long each. In these sessions, we will debrief and explore your birth journey to make sure all feelings you have surrounding your birth are validated and heard. Your doula may also support you by giving you some much-needed self-care time to rest, shower or do something you enjoy (cooking, cleaning, reading) for some time. All of these postnatal aspects can be discussed in detail at a later point.  

*On-call means I will be available to you anytime from the duration stated above to attend your birth adventure when you believe you are going into labour (not for general inquires). 

Package cost:

Please get in touch for package costs*

*Payment plans can be discussed. Deposit required.




*Packages are flexible and can be adjusted according to your wishes where possible.

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